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About Us

About Us

Yong-Han Technology Co.,Ltd.

Yong-Han Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company established with focus on automation integration and intelligent screw-tightening assembly services. Equipped with in-depth domain know-how accumulated from decades working experience in the industry, the team has unique market position providing the services to enable the automation capability cross various production processes for customers. That is used to fulfill the requirement of future smart factories.
We work alongside with our customers to strengthen their core competencies, optimize their added value, and address their diversified needs through our professional expertise and practical experience.

In addition to the automation industry, the environmental protection is another focus in the company. On top of the water purified materials as one of our product offerings, this is also the core belief of the company that we are committed to creating eco-friendly environment for globe sustainability.

Our mission focuses:
Intelligent Automation. Innovative Service. Common Prosperity, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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