Yong-Han Technology Co.,Ltd.


1. Automated integration services:
  integration for automation of product lines, intelligent product locking and assembly, customized integration design.

2. Bottom sediments purification services:
natural purified materials for bottom sediments in the water are specifically used for water quality improvement applicable for agriculture, aquaculture, ornamental aquarium, and rivers. We provide comprehensive consultation service assisting our customers to operate business in an eco-friendly approach to both secure food safety and make contribution to the society.

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智能螺絲鎖付具有智能檢測功能,可檢測漏鎖、浮鎖、滑牙等,支援工件不同高度的鎖付。馬達監控搭配人機介面,輕鬆編輯程式。同步螺絲旋轉直線運動速度和Z軸下降速度,極致精密智能螺絲鎖付,通過單顆M0.8螺絲重複1200次擰緊測試。 節省零件。高性能。高品質。控制鎖付扭力將微細螺絲,水質淨化劑經過大量的實驗驗證,保證了智能螺絲鎖付的良率,無須彈簧緩衝器。